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Miguel Fernández | Cofundador de Sax On y responsable de compras/ventas
21/02/2023 | Actualizado: 22/02/2023 21/02/2023
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Today we return to write a post of history, but instead of writing about one of the brands we distribute, this time we write about us.

In 2003, in Castelldefels, Barcelona was born the "Atelier de viento" a small workshop specialized in saxophones and clarinets, its founder Diego Antonio González, Argentinean by birth, who had been living in this small town for a little more than a year

In 2004 Miguel Fernandez shows up at his workshop, just arrived from Boston and with his saxophone a little bit out of tune, it was the beginning of a path that still lasts.

By 2005 the Atelier moved to Barcelona, expanding the workshop, and opening a specialized store, always with an eye to improve the quality of service and meet the needs in the search for quality products.

In this search Diego and Miguel crossed paths again, no longer as technician-musician. Miguel had also had the same objectives of excellence and functionality in the search for accessories and instruments for some time, and in 2008 he founded "Quinta Justa", a distributor specialized in the saxophone field, in charge of locating, testing, and classifying the best instruments and accessories on the market, bringing to Spain brands that were not previously marketed.

At that moment an almost perfect machine began to work, although at that time they were not the same entity, and began to exist the collaboration that would merge both companies in 2013 creating Sax On and looking for a new location in the city of Barcelona, which has been for 10 years in Bolivar Street. 

The eagerness to always offer a better service and quality in the sales market, they expand in 2019 also specializing in clarinets, due to this small plus they offer, they decide to change the name to Sax & Clarinet On.

With more offer, introducing online sales, and with more services in the showroom the company continues to grow and offer more variety, both instruments and accessories. 

And in the end, it happened as in families when they grow, the space is getting tighter and the desire to keep doing more and more things does not stop, so Diego and Miguel began to search and imagine how Sax & Clarinet On should be the Sax & Clarinet On of the future.

Gathering these ideas, the idea of a new concept begins to take shape, unique, which becomes more tangible when the ideal location appears, close to the usual location, but with many possibilities to continue developing...

With much effort the project is lowered to the plane of reality, which involves a lot of work and effort in every way, which lead us in 2023 to open the door of the new Sax & Clarinet ON. We hope that it will continue to be a meeting point with all of you, where we can welcome you and help you in the best way we know how to offer.


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