Online advicing

Online guidance to help you make informed purchases tailored

When you are not an expert, you may be afraid to go to a music store because the salesperson could convince you to buy a musical instrument you do not need

In such a virtual era as the one we live now, it requires a great effort for a physical store to have a large catalog of products ready in stock to sell immediately.

When choosing your musical instrument to start, it is very important that you let yourself be advised by a professional, visit us and make sure you will have the saxophone or clarinet that does not frustrate your expectations.

Sax & Clarinet ON, your great platform for personalized advice when buying a saxophone or clarinet, physical and online ways available.

We have one of the largest inventories ready for you in our physical store, so you can compare or decide the instrument you may need. If you are not yet ready or have any doubts, our entire team is ready to advise you, make the necessary demonstrations for you, either in store or in virtual meeting. We are prepared with professional image and sound equipment to offer you a serious and quality experience. 

We play live, we don't playback!

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