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The saxophone is a musical instrument from the "woodwind" family, so called because the reed (cane), in cooperation with the resonances in the air in the instrument, produces an oscillating component of both flow and pressure. Once the air in the saxophone is vibrating, some of the energy is radiated as sound out of the bell and any open holes, and this sound delights us in exciting genres as rock, jazz, blues, classical music or reggae. The family of saxophones is quite big (nine members), but basically there are four the most used: soprano, alto, tenor and baritone; in order from highest to lowest register, similar to human voice types, being the alto and tenor the most common to start learning with. From here on, personal preferences will decide which instrument to start with. There are not many musical instruments that attract the attention of a beginner as much as a saxophone, perhaps because of the sinuous shape, the magic of the keys movement when seeing a professional player performing on the stage, or the mystique that has always accompanied him, and at Sax On we always advise you to start with an instrument of reasonable quality-price, always fitting the best option for you in our online and physical store. Our speciality is saxophones, and we have a large stock in the store, so you can try them in our showroom in Barcelona (under appointment). At Sax On we work with the best brands of the market that meet a high degree of quality in their manufacture, durability and performing excellence. We have close relationship with all brands and we collaborate continuously in the improvement of their products. You can find in our sax store professional saxophones, cheap saxophones for students or vintage for collectors and professional musicians: Selmer saxophones, Yamaha saxophones, Yanagisawa saxophones, Wood Stone Ishimori saxophones, Forestone saxophones, Rampone & Cazzani saxophones, Eastman saxophones, Buffet saxophones, Cannonball saxophones, Conn saxophones, Buescher saxophones. If you wish, we can also schedule a streaming demonstrations for you, from your home, without going to anywhere! Our saxophones will always be adjusted by our technical service, and their delivery will be safe and fast, as we have the best courier services to ship a musical instrument, always tracked; avoid surprises when you receive your new purchase at home! Last but not least, at Sax On we know that you will always love to keep your instrument as the first day, that's why every saxophone is delivered with 2 free check-ups during the first year at our technical service.

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