Soprano Sax

You will be able to find the best valued soprano saxophones in our wide selection. Soprano sax can be some of the most beautiful sounding horns out there but be prepared for a somewhat steeper learning curve over the larger saxes. They are higher pitched above the popular tenor saxophone and come in a straight and curved form. One piece or detachable necks also available for shopping either a profesional or student soprano saxophone.

We have the best price for a soprano saxophone to start learning in music schools, either self-taught or as a hobby. All the soprano saxophones that you can find in the online store are stocked at our showroom, so you can come and try them out, and choose the one that best suits your needs as a saxophonist.

Our popular brands for the soprano saxophone include Yanagisawa, Eastman, Yamaha, Selmer and Rampone & Cazzani, all shipped, safe, fast and free cost (CCE).

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