Theo Wanne

Theo Wanne is the foremost expert on vintage and new mouthpiece design and is one of the few living Mouthpiece Refacing Masters.

Theo’s makes his mouthpieces EXACTLY to his design specifications, not just ‘close’. This is why Theo has invested so heavily in manufacturing technology.   His office is in the Pacific Northwest of the USA, where Boeing and the other leading Aerospace manufacturing companies work too.

Theo is a master with mouthpiece handwork.  However, he uses the worlds most advanced machining technologies to finish the most important areas like the baffle. Theo’s mouthpiece designs are complex, making his mouthpieces are some of the most difficult to make parts on the planet, in any industry.    The reason is that tooling must sculpt the complex interior geometries in very hard to reach places such as the chamber and inner sidewalls. 

Theo Wanne's mouthpieces manufacture the exact designs Theo intends, to make history’s best quality saxophone mouthpieces.

Sax players like Jan Garbarek, Leo P, Mindi Abair, Gerald Albright, Carlos Miyares, Terry Harrington are a few names to listen how Theo Wanne mouthpieces sound.

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