Reinventing the clarinet

Backun, a brand born in 2007, the year in which they launched their first clarinet, and with a focus on the musicians who will play their instruments, as its creator and president himself has been a clarinetist.

Morrie Backun, who designs the brand, is a professional clarinetist who has played bass clarinet in the Vancouver Radio Orchestra, Canada. He started out designing the latest Leblanc models, and then began making kites and bells for Leblanc. 

Out of that passion came Morrie's idea to develop first accessories and then clarinets to help musicians perfect their craft.

One of the main differences that Backun has, according to many musicians, is the sound concept. Whether in the cheaper or more expensive models, the sound is warm, round, not nasal, not squeaky. The sonorous conception has to do with the interior designs of the tubes of their clarinets.

The tuning, which is super important, is very well achieved.  Where the tone holes are placed and how he has the overcut and undercut is one of Morrie's specialties. 

Those developments were designed to achieve the 2 things that a clarinetist is looking for, and that the brand seeks to differentiate itself, that it sounds beautiful and that it sounds in tune.

From professional and studio clarinets to the most sophisticated accessories, Backun has a wide range of products adapted to the needs of each artist. There are four ranges of clarinets available: Studio, Intermediate, Professional and Custom.

All of them are handcrafted in cocobolo or granadilla wood with silver and/or gold keys and mechanisms, making them a unique piece. In addition, the wide variety of designs in barrels and bells offer the musician the possibility of customizing his clarinet to his taste.

To sum up, we can say that sonority, tuning and ergonomics make Backun the big difference.

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