Selmer clarinets today, which are their models?

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24/04/2023 | Actualizado: 26/04/2023 24/04/2023
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What can we say about a brand already consolidated in the market? Not much. Little or nothing that has not already been explained in past posts, such as this one in which we reviewed its history.

Mostly known for its saxophones (recently launched the Supreme tenor saxophone that we will soon analyze), Selmer also manufactures clarinets, and we told you how some time ago in the blog.

In this post, we are going to explain which clarinet models Henri Selmer currently manufactures and/or designs from his factory in Mantes-La-Ville, France.

Here you can find each model on our website. 

PROLOGUE B CLARINET: the step to keep growing.

The "Prologue" clarinet distinguishes itself as the step-up instrument par excellence. Its acoustic and ergonomic qualities make it accessible to a wider public.

Lightweight and easy to play, the Prologue clarinet offers immediate comfort.

With an ergonomic silver-plated key specially designed for clarinetists of all levels, it allows a natural and quick adaptation to the instrument.

Ease of response and emission is guaranteed thanks to its specifically designed bore, as well as enormous flexibility in all registers of the instrument and homogeneity of sound from bass to high register.

Through acoustic research, the intonation of the instrument has been optimized, placing the Prologue in a remarkable position in its class. The Prologue clarinet is available in Bb only, with optional Eb lever.


PRESENCE Bb/A CLARINET: the perfect combination of timbre and roundness!

The "Présence" clarinet carries within itself the sonorous qualities common to all our models. It is characterized by a rich timbre and a great ease of blowing.

Thanks to its innovative bore design, this clarinet has unique acoustic qualities that provide ease of emission, exceptional homogeneity and, above all, an instrument that is easy to play.


The sound of the Présence clarinet is a blend of harmonic richness and timbre; essential characteristics for the instrument. In addition, research into the position and size of the tone holes has given this clarinet an unrivalled intonation.

Specially designed keys, as well as new key orientations and positions, provide unrivalled mechanical precision and response.

The grenadilla wood is selected, delicately worked, naturally treated, lacquered, and waterproofed for first class protection and finish.


PRIVILEGE Bb/A CLARINET: a new generation of clarinets. 

Known for their great flexibility and stability, Privilège clarinets are refined in aesthetics, ergonomics and precision.

The redesigned keys, the new orientation of the keys and the improved mechanical response make it easier for the clarinettist to adapt to the Privilège.

The Privilège clarinets are exceptionally stable on the fingerboard, perfectly adapted to all acoustic situations (opera, symphony, harmony, hall, studio) and easy to assemble with other instruments. 

The perfectly tempered middle register (E, F, F, F#, G) gains in brilliance and timbre making the Privilège clarinet an extremely consistent instrument over the whole range. In addition, most of the notes do not require alternate fingerings to be accurate, not even a correction key.

The raw ebony wood is selected, delicately worked, naturally treated, lacquered and waterproofed for a high-end protection and finish, completed with fine engravings on the keys and sides.


RECITAL Bb/A CLARINET: a historical and atypical model.

The "Recital" clarinets, the posts of the Henri SELMER Paris range, offer an incomparable density and roundness of sound.

A sophisticated bore, as well as the material, a specially selected and worked grenadilla wood, have made possible the genesis of a unique sonority; a noble and lively material, the wood itself gives the "Recital" this warm, rich and round tone, with an exceptional presence (the diameter of the joints is larger than that of a traditional model, by two millimetres).

An important reserve of power and a very condensed voice favour a generous interpretation. 

A truly expressive instrument for those in search of "the sound". 

A set of Bb and A with an original conception for an acoustic result of rare quality.


SIGNATURE Bb/A CLARINET: the legendary signature of Henry Selmer.

Focused and powerful, the Signature clarinet offers a rich palette of colours.

Selmer Signature is a unique and unrivalled concept.

Its timbre, a fine compromise between roundness and presence, is a subtle blend of softness and energy.

A wide dynamic range facilitates pianissimo and unsaturated fortissimo, with a perfectly homogeneous tone in the different registers.

A centered tone and easy emission provides a high level of control. The tuning is perfectly balanced thanks to its higher tone holes. 


MUSE Bb/A/Eb CLARINET: ease of response and free creativity. 

Ease of response, timbre rich in overtones, flexibility, reliability... Let yourself be inspired by the Muse clarinets!

Designed to become the natural extension of your breathing, the Muse clarinets in Bb and A have been conceived for musicians looking for instruments that offer a very precise and direct response. 

They offer great playability, immediate vibration, a clear, colorfull and warm tone. 

Their comfort and the design of the keys allow a very quick adaptation to the instrument.

The intonation of the Muse clarinet has also been optimized, well calibrated with precise intervals. 

It has a great homogeneity in all registers and in the change from note to note.

The EVOLUTION system has been integrated into the Muse clarinet. This innovation, based on a new-generation resin inner lining, provides greater stability and longevity to the instrument, while retaining the acoustic qualities of the traditional wooden clarinet.

Perhaps the fame that Selmer has thanks to its saxophones can make us lose track of its other instruments, but we hope that this post will serve to definitively put the old and reliable Selmer on the map of clarinet manufacturers.

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