Do not lose your neck in the attempt

22/06/2023 | Actualizado: 22/06/2023 22/06/2023
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We live in times when everything goes very fast and in constant evolution, and sometimes we do not pay attention to small details of everyday life that help us to become aware of our body, of our well-being, neither in life nor in music.

One of the methods that goes in this direction is the Feldenkrais method, which tries to make us aware of what we do, how we do it and why we do it. Avoiding unnecessary tensions (Feldenkrais) should be one of the objectives of every musician; when we play "relaxed", everything flows better, even the music, and we avoid major problems (tendinitis, sprains, muscle pain, ...).

Changing habits (and maintaining them) as well as using accessories that make our day-to-day life easier is a guarantee of improvement in both our mechanics and our sound.

Today we are going to talk about straps to hold the instrument. Yes, an element to which sometimes we do not pay much attention and then maybe we have some pain or we have to play in unorthodox positions.

There are two types of straps on the market: those that are fastened to the neck and the so-called "harnesses", which introduce the concept of "Free Neck", leaving the neck free of pressure.

Neck straps

Different models of neck straps are available on the market. From simple to more developed models of the BG brand, through the D'Addario brand with a wider neck cushioned. Also the accessory brand Santtonio has a breathble neck strap, and we cannot forget the Cebulla brand, with its more ergonomic neck strap in brown or black leather with wide or standard diffusers and metal or plastic hook.

Free Neck

This is where the Feldenkrais method takes over. The purpose of these "harnesses" is to avoid neck tension and to allow air to flow normally.

We highlight the Sax Holder, which gives a feeling of weightlessness and it seems that the saxophone is held only in the air. It is held on the shoulder blades and has a point of support as a point of balance in the abdomen.

Another very popular model at this time is the BALAM in both its standard and premium versions. It is placed on the back and by means of a system of ropes, creates an effect of support, freeing the neck from any tension. It has total flexibility and adapts to any physiognomy of each person.

If you have back problems, this is the harness for you: the FNH100 by Vandoren. A system of bars makes the movement of your upper trunk be followed by the Vandoren harness, releasing or contracting independently on each side.

You decide how you feel more comfortable to play, how you can be more free and just think about playing; what is certain is that the more you play, as the years go by, your body will thank you for having protected the neck area.

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