ClariMate, the new silencer for your clarinet

22/05/2023 | Actualizado: 25/05/2023 22/05/2023
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We are often asked, how can I study without disturbing the neighbors, or, I am going on vacation and I don't want to take my new instrument with me, or, how can I study on public transport on my way to work/university, what can I do?

Among the options we have today, we can make two classifications: those that mimic instruments to a greater or lesser extent and those that "mute" or mute the instruments themselves.


As for the instruments that imitate, we can find various MIDI controllers of which we already talked about in the Wayne Shorter post.

The advantages they have are obvious, the ability to reproduce different sounds, they offer unlimited creativity and possibilities thanks to the fact that they can be used as a MIDI instrument.

They are light and easy to carry, and can be listened to through headphones so as not to disturb.


As for the "gadgets" that mute our instruments we find the Yamaha silent brass system, cases, StudioBricks cabs (contact us for more information) and some mutes to put inside the instrument (dubious effectiveness in most cases).

The silent Brass (only valid for brass instruments), acts as a mute, picking up the sound of your own instrument turning it into an electronic instrument.

There are also some kind of gig bags to put inside the saxophone and mute its sound to be able to pick it up and listen to it through headphones.

There are also some kind of sponges as a mute to put inside the instrument (they only mute a small part of the recorded record).

And we present you a novelty, the last "gadget" for clarinet, the ClariMate that not only mutes your clarinet, but also turns it into an electronic wind instrument with a multitude of possibilities... the two options explained above in one!

It is already known that BUFFET is a prestigious brand of clarinets and is in constant development. One of the last novelties was the BCXXI, a 19-key clarinet that surprised everyone with its beauty, technology and sound.

Now Buffet, has gone a step further and presents the ClariMate an element that is placed between the barrel and the upper body of our instrument, taking advantage of the best of the acoustic world with the possibilities of an electronic instrument.

Let's take a look at its main features:

- Allows you to turn your clarinet into an electronic wind instrument.

- Fits any Bb or A clarinet, with customizable fingering recognition.

- High quality breath sensor with realistic settings.

- Lithium-ion battery with a battery life of up to 4 hours.

- USB-C port for computer connection, charging, MIDI and software updates.

- Bluetooth system included for a smooth playback experience and to change settings via phone.

- Realistic positioning and use of reeds emulating acoustic clarinet embouchures.

- Headphone/line output through the ⅛" port.

Of very recent release, inform you that in June we will receive the first units, do not delay in buying one in advance through our online store!

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