Bass, tradition, modernity and the unknown?

20/02/2024 | Actualizado: 21/02/2024 20/02/2024
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You may think we are talking about people, tools or car parts. Maybe it's about singers or animals or all of them at the same time?


Today we will talk about bass clarinets, the known and the new; the traditional and the modern... Sound familiar? Always that duality....


Current models


If we talk about clarinets, the big brands are undoubtedly Buffet, Backun, Selmer and Yamaha. And even more so if within the clarinet family we talk about bass clarinets.


Tosca or Prestige in Buffet, Privilege in Selmer or YCL 622 are the top bass clarinets on the market today. But one brand has come (although it has been around for a few years now) to show us that there is room for innovation: Backun has surprised the clarinet market with two models for the bass clarinet: the Q and the ALPHA.


Today we will talk about two brands and their models: Buffet and Backun.

Buffet Tosca


Introduced in 2014 combines tradition and new technologies applied to design and production. Focused and centered sound, with a brilliant timbre and its unique mechanism system, allow freedom and confidence to all musicians.


You can watch a video presentation on the product page of our website.

Buffet Prestige


The Prestige BC1193 bass clarinet is a perfect representative of Buffet Crampon's savoir-faire at its highest level. The Prestige bass clarinet has evolved and perfected over many years of research and testing, and possesses the characteristic timbre of Buffet Crampon instruments with a warm and full sonority.

In addition the designers and builders of Buffet Crampon bass clarinets, also bet on innovation, having a version that allows to have a clarinet up to low Eb or low C as it has a removable extension. Here you can see it all in a video.

Also the mechanisms of clarinets evolve according to the needs of the musicians. Some models have an Eb/Ab lever and a low G resonance key, and are equipped with a double D spatula and a triple D spatula.


But if we talk about innovation, we can't stop talking about Backun. This 2024 has surprised everyone and in particular the bass clarinet market, bringing two new models of bass clarinet: the Q and the Alpha that following the philosophy of Backun Musical Services, have managed to introduce to the market a product that will not leave anyone indifferent.


Backun Q


This clarinet, as usual in Backun, has a design focused on having a precise tuning through registers and mechanisms designed through long and expensive acoustic research. From the triple register mechanism to the bores and a custom Marcus Bonna case, the Q series bass clarinet is a new level, even for Backun.

Backun Alpha


Imagine a professional instrument designed for both students and advanced clarinetists, the Backun Alpha bass clarinet series leverages the same acoustic design and key mechanism found in the Q series bass clarinets as the basis for these synthetic versions. It was introduced at NAMM 2024 and managed to be the winner of the "best in show 2024" award.

Not bad!

Truly Backun has managed to introduce a quality product for all clarinetists.


If you are wondering how to get one of these wonders, we make it very easy for you because we currently have stock of Bufftet models, stop by our Showroom if you are near you, it's worth it. And in the case of Backun we will have to wait until its official launch in June, but yes, in Sax & Clarinet ON we will be one of the first to have exclusive stock at the time of launch.


Are you up for a bass clarinet?

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